Web Project Examples

Over time customers may give their domain up, close their business, or move to another service. In those cases, Larry generally leaves parts of those sites connected under his domain to show you a taste of what he originally did.

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Rides Done Right

Rides Done Right

Car/Motorcycle/Motor Head Enthusiast

RDR combines YouTube, Facebook, and Google for a place to contain opinions, product options, our show videos, and a fun time discussing issues that those of us with motorized toys are passionate about. We attend cool events and pick folks to hang out with and find out about their rides or tricking stuff out. This site was built mobile first and incorporates a responsive design.

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Project Diavel Site

Project Diavel

(designed 1/2015)

Larry bought a Ducati Diavel and created the Project Diavel site as an enthusiast web site that documents the selection, evaluation, installation, and use of products for the Ducati Diavel. Find interesting information, view photos, and watch videos.

This was Larry's first website that was built with a responsive design to work well with all devices.

Todd Hollis Site

Todd Hollis Automotive

(designed 11/2013)

Todd has done many complete Classic Car Restorations over the years. His work can be found throughout the area in car shows and nice garages. His website highlights some of the photos he has collected to give visitors examples of his work, via a robust photo album. The project was completed in a very short timeline. BTW: this marketing model included logo construction, business cards, and the website. Barter Job

Custom Harley Rocker Site

Custom Harley Rocker

(designed 8/2013)

This website was created to support Larry's second significant bike build. The site has been a hit on motorcycle forums. It includes a custom video posted on YouTube and a photo album. Because Larry was the customer, the design was "all his". Personal Job

VRC Site

VRC Choppers

(designed 8/2010) - * no longer active site

Creating custom choppers with intended world wide distribution, this builder offers customers great custom options at competitive prices. The customer allowed Larry to build this site as he saw it, and it contains some deep multi-layered graphics. This agressive project was completed in one month. BTW: this marketing model included logo construction, business cards, tri-fold flyer, t-shirts, various stickers, a large banner, sides/back of commercial van, sides and back of commercial trailer, and more. Barter Job

Russ Parker Racing Site

Russ Parker Racing

(last design 6/2003) - * no longer active site

Profiled a NHRA drag racing driver. In 2000, Russ finished the racing season 7th in the nation, and is currently working in the background for a Top Fuel dragster team. This web site was originally a FRAMES designed static site (meaning Larry made changes as Russ needed them). It was later upgraded to a full blown high end NON-FRAMES site driven by an offline complete application (front end and database back end). This enabled Russ the ability to completely update and maintain his own web site whenever he needed.

Shy Photos

Shy Photos

(last design 12/2006)

Shy Photos provide quality photos at great prices.

Don Lulay Homes Site

Don Lulay Homes

(original design in 2007) - * no longer hosted

This site is no longer operational as Larry built it, but he keeps a link to his version here for archiving purposes. The original project included a networked application that allowed the business to upload photos, plans, and all types of text and dimensions to their website. After time, the business decided it was too much of a burden for them to provide maintenance themselves, and decided to move to a static solution.

Advanced Automotive Site

Advanced Automotive

(original design in 9/2011) - * no longer hosted

This customer wanted to completely re-brand their business. The transformations included a new business logo, business cards, and a new business web site. The customer was able to make text updates to the important areas of their site. Barter Job

Joystick Review Site

Lulay's Joystick Review

(last design 2/2002) - * no longer hosted

This web site allowed users to find a variety of game controllers and get valuable reviews to help make purchasing decisions. The site was moved to production in 10/2000 and in a 2/2001 online poll by one of the leaders in the industry (Thrustmaster), the site was voted the best and most visited review site on the internet - a remarkable feat only 4 months from it's initial release date!