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The information contained on this page outlines typical pricing for various projects. Note: I only barter with no cash exchange. If you have a service or goods, contact and let me know what you have and we can figure something out.

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The following list of questions / topics outline some of the things I need to know and consider when deciding on the kind of web project that is appropriate (not in a particular order).
If you have a web site that will be regularly updated, someone in your business will have to be designated to upload your information.  The skill level of this person is important to know up front, so any application can be targeted for such a user.
An attempt to find out how old the browsers or equipment that your visitors are using is very important.  If you miss this up front, going back can be very hard and costly.
Total amount to spend on the project, and ongoing expenses.  Most people are primarily concerned about the money they have to pay up front and forget to find out what it will cost to host the site, or make changes, or if there is an additional cost to maintain copyright.  All cost considerations should be discussed and decided up front, before the project begins.
If you will be storing any kind of web building application on your business machine, what kind of machine do you have and what software do you have?
Most developers don't consider asking you about the resolution that might be most appropriate for your visitors.  Instead they build your web site to a fixed width that is generally viewable in 600x480 or 800x600.  Since 2016, my web sites are built to mobile first and they are built with a responsive design that is generic and made to adapt to whatever device the user has.
The biggest hindrance to any project that I work on is the availability of the customer.  When you make the decision to create a web site, you need to make a commitment of regular timed meetings that you will be available until a pre-determined date.  This enables both parties to know that the project has a scheduled date to complete.
There is a large difference between a web site that has three pages that never (or rarely) need to be updated, and a site that has three pages that all need to be updated at varying intervals (some every day or week).  Pages that don't need to be updated are called Static pages, and pages that need to be updated are generally referred to as Dynamic.  My processes cover Static, Dynamic and and hybrid of both that helps you get a Dynamic result at a reduced cost.
If a current web site exists, are there issues with copyright?  Will you be using the same web address?  Will you use this address and add others to it?
Have you purchased an existing application that stores database information that you want displayed over the web?
Do you need an application to be created that will maintain your information in a database, resulting in the ability to create web pages through a database program.
Do you want people to be able to order products from your web site?  If so, will you allow them to process the order on the web with OR without your assistance?  Particularly - will you allow the user to enter credit card information over your web site, or will you allow them to make the order on the site and process the credit card with you over the phone?
What special viewing needs do your visitors have, that may fall under the ADA compliance guidelines?  Being the webmaster of the Oregon Dept. of Education, I am already aware of the ADA standards and what it takes to make sure a site is compliant with the variety of browser types and versions.