Business Barter, Salem Oregon

Web Programming / Design  |   MS-Access Programming  |   Consulting  |   Resumé

I started doing logos, signs, and business cards in 1980. In 1986 I began working for the state of Oregon to get a regular income. I maintained a business presence until around 2003, when I noted I was paying more in taxes than to make my side business worth while. Since then, my side projects are Barter only. Call me at my home to arrange a barter in any of the categories of:

  • Web Sites (including search submission to help your site get found in local and national markets);
  • Logo Design;
  • Business Card Design;
  • Microsoft Access Programming;
  • Consulting in any of the above categories.

I have been a project coordinator and/or lead programmer on PC, client/server, and web projects since 1989.  By 1999, I had lead over 25 complete database projects.  Three of the projects had budgets exceeding 1 million dollars (all three projects were successfully implemented).

My hardware experience includes help desk and network support (including PC/LAN/WAN), and coordination of all Web and application servers for the Oregon Department of Education.  This includes Internet, Extranet, and Intranet environments - that each have mirrored development, test, and production areas.

I have worked with marketing specialists on several projects and learned a great deal about marketing in the process.  I have been involved in marketing at the local level (Salem and Willamette Valley), state, national, and worldwide.  While in Europe, I met with advertising people and learned a marketing perspective targeting several countries outside of the US.

With an extensive graphics art background, I have been blessed to be able to create several art stylings that involve photo manipulation, animation, web targeted art, and print materials.

I specialize in Microsoft solutions, and primarily use Microsoft products - please see my resume for details.  I have built web sites that are completely static or mostly dynamic, depending on the need.  I do not use web generation tools of any kind.  All of my projects are hand coded and formatted according to industry standards - making it easy for migration or integration with other projects or web staff to interface with.

Larry Lulay