MS Access Solutions

All Microsoft Access Versions - 1.0 through current

Services Offered

  • Layout, design, and configure your database.
  • Provide screen designs.
  • Create custom searches.
  • Create custom reports.
  • Review your project and provide suggestions.
  • Train/co-develop solutions, so you will be able to solo after I am gone.
  • ... anything else you want to do using MS-Access.

Access Environment Experience

I have created database sizes from 1 user accessing 100 records, up to 50 users accessing 500,000 records (large environments require special solutions).  The following outlines some of the configurations:
  • Client Only (where the database and front end are both on the same machine).
  • Client/Server (where the front end and some data is stored at the client, but the main database is stored on a separate server).
  • External Locations - Client Only (where the database and front end are both on the same machine).   These are applications that you create for PC's that you will never physically interface with.   These options require special solutions with extensive setup routines or specified configurations.
  • MDB (front end) to MDB (backend); MDB (front end) to ODBC (backend); ADP (front end) to SQL (backend)
I began working with MS-Access when the first version (1.0) was in beta.  I have extensive use with various versions (including the developers tool kit).  As of 1/1/2005, I have programmed over 40 MS-Access applications over the years.  Some of the topical areas I covered include the following:
  • Personnel (HR) Applications (eg. Timesheets, Performance Evaluations, Training Tracking, General Personnel Info)
  • Calculation Software (eg. calculating multiple child support orders, product sales, calculating race statistics)
  • Medical Remedies and Assigned Treatments (eg. complete database of medicines and usage, associated of treatments to individuals or groups, analysis of treatments vs. performance)
  • Applications that generate web pages for custom web sites.
See my resume and associated experience links for more details.