Larry Lulay: Experience

State of Oregon, Dept of Education

  • Senior Systems Analyst 2 - Webmaster, December 1999 to Present
  • Duties: I currently focus on Web security and accessibility. I coordinated application development in ODE's Internet/Extranet/Intranet environments.  My duties also included procedural design and implementation, coordinating web server configuration and maintenance, and coordination of the department's web staff.  In addition to Department staff, I coordinated external contractors creating or maintaining browser based applications.  I was also tasked with coordinating ODE eGov migrations.

    I worked with the department's Director of Communications to provide direction and applications that allow our various customers to maximize communications to their audiences.

    Some of the larger projects included a centralized login system, an events management system, a centralized news announcements system, large data collections systems, and detailed reporting... just to name of few.

    I created the programming standards that were in place from 1999 - 2015, and some legacy continue to exist.  I authored several work flow methods and change management procedures.

Lulay's Web Services

Owner of Computer Software/Hardware Co.

November 1989 to December 2000 (privately owned from 2000 to present)

  • January 2016 - Rides Done Right;
  • Five data base projects, November 1989 to 12/2000

    My roles on each project included partial ownership (at minimum) and project coordination.  They all included lead programming duties and the most recent project had distribution in eight countries with extensive coverage throughout the United States.  It contained over 350 screens, 100 tables, and 100 reports.  The program's initial success warranted a business trip though Europe and extensive contact with other advertising representatives in other countries.

    All of my projects have offered unique combinations of marketing strategies - using ongoing local, national, and international solutions. My background in sales and graphic art have proven to be a great combination to guide me when interfacing with various advertising entities and organizations.
  • Web Programming, November 1997 to present.

    Please see my Web Projects.

State of Oregon, Dept of Education

Database Initiative Project
  • Webmaster, January 1998 to November 1999
  • Duties: Lead programmer and project webmaster for the State of Oregon's Database Initiative Project.  My duties included design and maintenance of the web pages, VB programming maintenance of our automated file download process, SQL manipulation for report design, documentation of various processes, and a variety of programming tasks.  The data was delivered to the WEB from SQL Server 2k databases, using a combination of ASP, VBScript, and Crystal Reports Web engine (to generate HTML) or using ASP, ADO, and VBScript alone to generate HTML reports.  In both instances SQL statements were compiled in ASP, then processed.  The following list outlines most of the tools and methods I used on this job:

    HTML; VBScript; JavaScript; ASP; ADO; Variations of SQL; Visual Source Safe (version control); SQL Server, and MDB connectivity (using native drivers and ODBC); Crystal Reports Web engine; JMail; Adobe Photo Shop, MS Composer, and Paintbrush for graphics manipulation; frequent use of MS Access and VB; and a working knowledge of Windows 95 and NT.  The project needs dictated a minimal use of client-side scripting and primary use of server-side scripting. The more complex non-public download and report validation site is not available for public viewing.

State of Oregon, Dept of Justice

Support Enforcement Division
  • Computer Project Analyst - IS 6, May 1996 to December 1997
  • Duties: Lead programmer and project coordinator for new database projects; provide database training to two User Support Analyst II's; maintenance for existing PC, LAN, and WAN database projects.

State of Oregon, DOJ, SED
  • Data Analyst, January 1994 to May 1996
  • Duties: Project coordinator for two statistical programs that helped substantiate two legislative bills to become law; project coordinator and lead programmer for a database program that performs interstate arrears calculation routines and forms generation for SED's largest (in paper size) legal action to be served; maintenance for over ten database projects.

    The entire time I worked in this position, I worked closely with the division's fiscal analyst.  I wrote several programs to help make projections that allowed us to change program policy and establish new laws.

State of Oregon, DOJ, SED
  • Data Analyst, January 1992 to January 1994
  • Duties: Project coordinator and lead programmer of two database projects; LAN sub-administrator; provided software training to the entire division.