Larry Lulay: Awards, Goals, Personal

Awards and Accomplishments

Three Department of Justice Exemplary Service Awards

March 3, 1990; March 5, 1994; and January 17, 1995.  Each award was presented personally by the Oregon Attorney General.

Technology Training Certificates

MS Access (basic through advanced), TSO, JCL, Easytrieve Plus, HTML, and Photoshop.

World Wide Sales

Successful program sales in over half of the states in the US and countries around the world (including England, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Malta, Canada, China, Taiwan, and counting...).

Career Goals

  • Work with a creative programming team of diverse professionals that daily take each other to new heights.
  • Work with the latest software technologies using the latest hardware technologies.
  • Learn more.  Teach more.

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Personal Profile

Born in 1962

Family Status
Married since 1982, with two children.

  • Attending fun events and interviewing top participants (see my Rides Done Right site);
  • Motorcycle:  Recreational street bike riding (see my bikes);
  • In my youth my interests were - Sports:  Softball, Tennis, and Volleyball; and Computers:  Simulation type video games.