Larry Lulay: Resumé

Larry Lulay Resumé

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Thank you for looking at my web resumé.  Please use the resumé links near the top of this page.  These links detail my experience, skills, personal information, and also provide copies of letters of recommendation (references).

Career Overview

  • Since January 2016, I operate a web based show called Rides Done Right where I go to various Northwest events and interview top participants and celebrities. I post the videos on YouTube for all to enjoy.
  • I coordinated Internet/Extranet/Intranet application development for the Oregon Department of Education from 1999 through 2006, and am still there plugging away.  During my tenure I have coordinated several Department wide migrations from multiple methods to single (central) methods/processes - streamlining procedures and creating efficiencies.
  • Prior to 1999, I was the lead programmer on the largest database/web interface in Oregon State Government (and the first of it's kind in the U.S.).
  • Prior to 1997, I had been the project coordinator and/or lead programmer on over twenty five database projects for the Oregon Department of Justice.
  • Since 1980 I have worked on a variety of business ventures that have taken me to Europe and included sales all over the world. See my experience for details.
  • The skills section displays in greater detail the variety of software that I have used.
  • Letters of recommendation and project examples (including code examples and screen shots) are available for viewing after an interview.
Larry Lulay