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Welcome to Lulay's - Salem, OR.

Larry Lulay offers assistance to fully market your brand - which includes creating or redesigning your logo, business cards, T-shirts, tri-fold flyers, banners, vehicle stickers, web sites, advertisements, and more. He carefully considers how your advertising methods will work together for the long term - to enable more easily expandable marketing possibilities.

2016 Redesign

Larry has only updated his Lulay's site three times since he first created it in 2000... so on Thanksgiving Day 2016 he decided he better start refreshing it. It won't be completed for a while and it won't be updated often once he gets it done. When it comes to technology, folks should be most interested in his most current stuff and his Rides Done Right site is his focus. He updates it fairly often, so that is a good place to look to see some of his latest work.

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Web Overview and Projects

See how Larry breaks down web projects based on variables necessary to identify your needs, and some of the web projects he has done.

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Lulay's Websites

Logo Design

Larry has been designing business logos since 1980. The following examples are some of the logos he has done for customers. All of these are completely made from scratch, thus allowing the customer to benefit from having full copyright.

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Lulay's Logos

Larry has been making custom creations for business needs since 1980. His favorite topics to draw are motorcycles and cars. He can start with your photo, and then put my twist on it. He's careful to make sure the parts of the image that you want highlighted are in your drawing.

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Lulay's Artwork

As the webmaster for the Oregon Department of Education, Larry has experience with large scale Project Management, business analysis, web and design standards, MS-Access front ends, SQL Server backends, web security, and accessibility. With a web environment that spans over 3,000 pages, three uniquely secured areas, over 50,0000 files, with high volume useage - his experiences as a state webmaster since 1997 can help you with your software needs.

He has also been developing and marketing software that has been sold throughout the world since 1986. Those experiences enable him to guide you in everything from local marketing, to national and international sales.

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View Larry's resume to find out what he's done, what his skills are, and find some of his references.

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Lulay's Resume
Next Step

Helping You Take the Next Step

Many businesses start their marketing presence as an after thought. Marketing is not their business so they take short cuts, use a minimized budget, and hurry through the process of creating a logo, slogan, business cards, and even their final step - creating a web presence. These key marketing components depend on each other, and it is important to make sure each works well with the other. These marketing steps are vital to compete at the highest levels - whether you are competing with a neighborhood business or trying to compete in national or international markets. With experience in local, national, and international marketing - Larry specializes in brand management to help you move your business to the next level.
If you have existing materials, Larry is here to make your materials better than before. If you don't have materials, but want to attack your industry with a competive logo, business cards, banners, flyers, and web site - start here.
Larry has two YouTube channels (a personal one and one for Rides Done Right). The following links are some of his popular videos. If you are intersted in creating a YouTube presence (and Larry recommends it for any business), check out his RDR channel (see link later on this page) for an example of a professional business channel.

Shift S3ctor Interview Recap of the 2016 Oregon Shift S3ctor Airstrip Attack.
Don't Blink Driver Interview Video Fun interview that includes four onboard cameras mounted to 2500HP Lambo.
PRS Recap Recap of the 2016 Portland Roadster Show.
Project Diavel Mini Movie Fun video we did with our local police.

More RDR Videos

Social Media

Each of the following areas allow us to interact online.

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The image above is a link to Larry's Rides Done Right YouTube channel that now contains events and cool stuff related to bikes, cars, and that kind of stuff. Please SUBSCRIBE, like, and leave positive feedback - it will help us to better engage you.

Go to Larry Lulay YouTube
The image above is to Larry's personal YouTube channel. He started out putting his cool stuff on it, but now he does all that stuff on his Rides Done Right channel (see other link). All future videos will be stuff NOT related to his bikes, cars, product reviews and such.

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The image above is to Larry's personal Facebook page. If you are friends with Larry, send me a friend request.


RDR Speedway

This is Larry's cool 1:32 scale custom 4 lane slot car track. Over 24 garages, 5 grandstands, and lots more buildings, people, and cars.

Bike Awards

This shows some of Larry's bike awards.

Larry Bikes

For those interested in knowing what bikes Larry's had, he compiled all the photos he could find - plus links to his custom bike sites.


For people who want to get to know more about Larry (caution: it gets personal, don't get offended - he's open minded and easy to work with).

Remembering Georgeana

Contact Us

Larry Lulay, 503-743-9999 after 5:00PM PST