Larry Lulay: Skills

  • Certified Trainer for the State of Oregon, Dept of Justice
  • See the following table to view experience with various tools.

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  • Project Management

    MS Project, eProjects, MS Visio, Self Created WorkFlow program
  • DB/Application Development

    • .Net, MS Access, MS Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, MS FoxPro, Paradox, DBIV
    • MDB, SQL Server, and DB2 connectivity (using ado, native drivers, and ODBC)
    • SQL:  I have written SQL code attaching to MDB, SQL Server, and DB2 and don't have a problem adapting to new SQL compliant databases.
  • Web Development

    • .Net, HTML5, ASP(X), ADO, VBScript, JavaScript, JScript, CSS, DHTML
    • Editors:  Visual Studio, Allaire HomeSite, and Notepad

      Visual Editors:  DreamWeaver and MS FrontPage
    • Web Servers: IIS 4.0, IIS 5.0, IIS 6.0, and various ISAPI filters (eg. Crystal Web Server)
    • SMTP and JMail for email manipulation in code
  • General Development

    Version Control:  Visual Source Safe, GitHub, TFS - Team Foundation Server
  • Graphics

    Adobe Photoshop, MS Composer, WP Presentations, Corel Paint, Paintbrush, and various shareware products for plug-in type processes
Various types of network administration on Banyan Vines Novell, NT Server, Win2K Server, Win2k3
  • OS: DOS, Windows 3.1 and 95, NT 4.0, Win2k, Win2k3
  • PC, LAN, WAN, Internet
MS Access Distribution Toolkit, Lotus-Approach, COBOL; Word processing - WordPerfect (all features), MS-Word; Spreadsheets - Excel.; WP Informs, WP Office, WP Presentations, WP Scripts, HostExplorer (3270 emulation), ABC Flowchart; Interface programming of MS-Access, WordPerfect, and HostExplorer (to use 3270 emulation to manipulate the mainframe).
Various installation/training
  • RAM, hard drives, floppy drives, mother boards, CD ROMs, video cards, network cards, sound cards, scanner cards, etc..

For several years I built and serviced computers to support a very serious gaming habit. I also performed various hardware updates while working for the Oregon Department of Justice.
I maintain oversight of the Oregon Department of Education's web security. I have written an application that houses ALL application information that includes: all individual applications (by environment/type), associated updates (including date/activity/who performed), associated patches (including date/activity/who performed), associated third party software, associations and dependencies on other applications, and has a place holder for me to automate our web security scans.
Web Accessibility is quickly becoming a very hot topic, especially if your company intends to do anything that involves Federal funding... which will force all of your web pages and web applications to be Section 508 compliant. I coordinate Accessibility training for all Oregon Department of Education employess, which includes specialized in depth training for the web techs. These trainings include preparing document files (like Word, Excel, PPT), PDF files, HTML web pages (static and dynamic) - which includes the full gammet of tables, grids, menus, and more.
Navigating the Social Media arenas is an art form, and I have spent countless hours to find the best methods to create a professional experience. Before a web site is ever created, I encourage clients to identify their social media areas as part of creating the business name (it is much easier to choose a business name prior to creating these areas than after). There are many rules that must be followed before you can get the names you seek, and having the assistance of a professional is essential to get there quickly and efficiently. I have extensive experience creating videos for the web and can assist with video services as well.