Larry Lulay - Life Before Salvation

I was raised the first nineteen years of my life as a Catholic.  I had a nice life.  My parents spanked me when I needed it, but never abused me in any way.  We went to church every Sunday, I had my first communion, and attended weekly Catholic school (CCD) on Wednesdays until I graduated high school.

All of that was good, but it didn't prevent me from doing some pretty terrible things when I was a kid.  I remember on many occasions going to church on Saturday night asking GOD to forgive me for drinking under age (even though I had beer in my trunk with full intentions of drinking it the moment I got out of church).

As bad as I was, I can't ever remember doing something bad without conviction.  I was compelled as a youngster to pray to GOD everynight on my knees (in the dark of my bedroom when no one knew).  I prayed for GOD to do many things in my life, but mostly I prayed for the wife I never knew (that she would be a good person and help me to be a better person... oh yeah, and be REALLY GOOD LOOKING).

I "turned up the wick" on being a bad person directly after high school.  I basically adopted a personality that would do anything I needed to do to get money and get ahead in life... at anybody's expense.


I am not a trained theologian... I am just a dude that is a sinner saved by grace.  I am sharing things as I see them, and you should challenge anything I or anyone else says by looking in the word and praying for discernment.
My Savior On a Cross