Lulay's - Personal Info

This area allows you to know a little more about me.

My life with GOD... so far

God is #1, and this is the serious part of my life... read if interested.

My Savior On a Cross

My Family

I no longer provide direct links to my family photo album.

Lulay Family

My Friends

Pictures and videos with some of my friends.

Friends at PIR in 2001

My Bikes

"I like sweet bikes and I can not lie..."

See my All Bikes page to see photos and links to all of them... here are some highlights:

Harley Rocker C

My Work

See the business section for all you would want to see (and more) :)

Younger Short Haired Larry
See Work History

Photo Fun

See some silly things I did with photos back in 2001.

Larz Aldrin See Photo Fun